Tammy Blaze
Professional Certified Yoga Teacher (E-RYT) & Photographer  

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SAVE THE DATE - Autumn 2018

200 hr Yoga Teacher Training 

with Tammy Blaze & Michelle Van Lare

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January 2018 - Published in Motorcycle Mojo Magazine.

My life is probably no different than many. A series of ups and downs. Moments of great awareness and growth, unbelievable devastation's and rebuilding of self.

With that, I’ve always been one to read book after book. I enjoy reading peoples adventures of this big beautiful globe. For their journey inspires me to continue and keep growing, to share my own gifts with the world. The connection of our humanness.

My husband is an avid rider and one particular year he decided to go on a motorcycle trip all by himself to see different parts of Ontario. Before he left he passed a book to me saying that he thought I would enjoy it, that it was “right up my alley.”

This book was Neil Peart’s (musician), ‘Ghost Rider’. I spent a full weekend sitting on my deck turning page after page, reading the story of his struggles and how the road was his therapist. The vulnerability of his life tragedy, his thoughts and his heartbreak were there for us to read and to use his story as healing for perhaps our own grief.

When I finished his book. My very next words to my husband were, “I no longer want to be the passenger of life anymore.” With that, I obtained my motorcycle license. I’ve been riding now for almost 2 years. I’ve accomplished thousands of miles on my bike discovering Ontario and Michigan, while discovering myself.

Being a professional yoga teacher, I recalled all these years that motorcyclists would say “I feel free when I ride.” I instantly realize that they were practicing meditation in motion. Riding is freeing, you can only be in the moment. In the beauty of the moment. In the beauty of the surroundings and within you. And in that moment one realizes ‘everything is OK, everything is exactly as it should be’. 

 I am no longer the passenger.

Tammy Blaze, 46

Windsor, Ontario

July 2017

Students continuously inspire me to rise as a teacher.  Being hired for special events or milestones in ones life is deeply humbling.  To hold space for the student for that moment that is significant for them...an honour.

April 2017

Every few years I spend some time with my teacher Seane Corn.  No matter how many years I've been teaching yoga I always need to be reminded...of many things...my authentic truth.  I could listen to my teacher again and again of these reminders and much much more.  

March 2017

Teaching yoga to the S.O.S group (Students Offering Support) at the University of Windsor.  These inspiring students are there for others and today they took in some self-care to replenish.

February 2017

I've had many different paths in life but the yoga path of speaking from my heart has been the most inspiring path I've stepped upon.  We all have a calling regardless what the inspiration is.  Finding your voice and listening to what your heart speaks is a leap of trust within and letting go also.  This talk is about my journey of just that.  

April 2016

Companies are bringing in yoga to aid in stress reduction for employees.  This company was particularly admirable for the owners paid for my assistance in full.  No charge to the employees.  A gift of health to all staff.  

Innovative owners of mindfulness!  

April 2016

For several years I've been fortunate enough to retain contracts at several hospitals in the community of Windsor, Ontario.  The hospitals have numerous health programs for the staff to reduce tension and stress and aid in their health while they are on the front lines in the highest level of care.  

We must learn to take care of ourselves, so that we can in turn, take care of others.

Feb 2016

The 3rd year medical students from the University of Windsor practicing yoga together to decrease stress within.  Forward thinking minds!

September 2015

Was invited to teach a private class in a home. 

The family recently celebrated the passing of their mother. 

This is how they wanted to honour her - shared with siblings and friends. 

More arrived after this photo was taken - the energy in the room was beautiful.

Hearts open, movement in yoga - what a grand way to share in love for one another and all the gifts their mother passed onto them. 

Her spirit was in the room.

July 2015

Another round of yoga for third year medical student at the Schulich Medicine Department at The University of Windsor. 

Imagine if doctors one day will prescribe yoga and meditation as regular treatments for a holistic body, mind and spirit. 

These minds are on the right path!

May 2015

Up and coming young doctors hired me to teach yoga at The University of Windsor today. 

Young minds learning the benefits of taking care of oneself so to take care of others. 

Brilliant souls!

March 2015

My teacher Seane Corn made it to Windsor, ON to teach a 3-Day Movement to Manifestation Class.  

I was honoured to assist her for those three days of transformation.  

Seane has taught me so much over the years to be the teacher that I am today but mostly, she has taught me about speaking my own truth and coming from a place of authenticity.

March 2015

Being in this room, listening to Seane Corn teach, assisting the students and her.

The only word that comes to my mind is - Grace!

March 2015

March 2015

Teaching to a group of up and coming Yoga Teachers at Love It Yoga in Amherstburg, ON

Honoured to be asked to sharing my yoga story of my life journey and how I became a yoga teacher.

Hoping that my story will help others find their own voice.

February 2015

Meeting MC Yogi after a yoga practice based on the teachings of the Buddha - Windsor, Ontario

October 2014

Teaching yoga at Hotel Dieu Grace Hospital, in Windsor, Ontario to the staff.  

This space was once the chapel for 20+ years. 

Many people have come on their knees in this space saying prayers to the God of their own understanding for support in more ways than I can imagine.  

It is very humbling to teach yoga in this space weekly and to teach yoga to the staff that are on the front lines everyday, treating people, caring for people and also helping people transition to the next part of their life journey.  

The stained glass windows of Grace remind me always of how precious life is and all that come to this space to breathe. 

October 2014

Practicing on the Boardwalk at The Beaches in Toronto, ON.  

A beautiful spot! 

Canada is beautiful!  

Love visiting this town!

Sept 2014

One of my many favorite events is teaching a private class at someone's home. 

 These ladies got together, brought delicious food, a massage therapist and I believe some drinks might have been served afterwards. 

They came together with love of their friendship and wanted to share in some goodness together. 

A beautiful end of summer event in the backyard by the pool with friends and love.

Sept 2014

Teaching yoga to every"body" is essential to the practice, some come with Parkinson's disease, some with Alzheimer's, some with brain injuries but all are open to the benefits of the practice. 

Yoga is about the inner work. 

This class humbles me each and every time. 

They are by far the students that teach me the most and also my best meditators.

(*photo taken from the internet)

May 2014

Feeding Your Soul Event was such an exhilarating event.

Holding the space for the students opening their hearts and exploring their own adventure of digging in the dirt.

Rest (Savasana) came with great ease and gratitude.

May 2014

Nov 2013

These classes can be so intimate.

It doesn't matter how many are in the class.

It matters to that one person, that person who is listening, who is ready, who is open.

October 2013

Taking Seane Corn's Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training in Toronto, ON was a highlight of my Yoga career.

Her honesty and giving of all her information so that we can teach from a place of love.

It is because of her teachings that I am the teacher that I am today.

March 2013

Another wonderful workshop with my teacher Seane Corn in Toronto, ON.

No matter how many times I take her classes I always walk away with a wealth of knowledge of the practice and of myself.

Taking Seane's classes of a journey of the soul indeed!

August 2011

This is my dearest friend Michelle Van Lare and one of my deepest influences on the path of yoga.

The truest of teachers you can find if you are lucky enough to be in her classroom or sitting across the table sharing in a pizza together.

Her friendship of the life teachings inspire me continuously. 


Dec 2010

Studying with Sri Dharma Mittra has definitely been one of those moments I will never forget.

He is currently the oldest living guru of Yoga.

When I studied with him he was 70 years old (as seen in this picture).

He moves his body in ways I can only dream of.

His presence is intense and his knowledge of Yoga is vast.

October 2010

I found Justin Barnes teachings by accident, or was it Divine intervention! 

He is one of my favorite teacher's in the Michigan area. 

His teachings are soulful, inspiring and the way he weaves the teachings into the yoga flow is deliciously good. 

As a teacher we must always be the student, so when I am with Justin I have a beginners mind and soul once again. 

If you are ever in Birmingham, Michigan, I highly suggest his classes - Slow Burn is my favorite!


October 2009

Proud to have opened my own place along the journey. 

This little place in LaSalle, ON was exactly like the name.

Yoga For the Soul had the kindest souls from the teachers to the students. 

Gentle, kind, loving souls - all on our paths - all helping and guiding one another.

Sept 2009

Taking Bryan Kest's Master Class in Windsor, ON is always intense, funny and thought provoking. 

April 2009

I didn't realize that the first time I met Seane Corn in Toronto, ON that my heart would shift is such a profound way.

Seane continues to be one of my strongest teachers in my life.

Forever grateful for her teaching and her continued work in yoga and to the world.


Feb 2007

This is Kip Winger from the band Winger.  You would never of guessed that his music could be weaved into a yoga class but his music has been a great teacher for me and which I've shared with my students.  He is a brilliant artist and musician.  He once was only known for his 80's rock n' roll music but as one grows and evolves we change.  He has written beautiful classical pieces and his music has accompanied ballets in Europe.  Thank you Kip Winger for showing me that we all have greatest within.  Beautiful works of art!

Jan 2007

Meeting the founder P'arang Geri Larkin of Still Point Zen Buddhist Temple, at her book signing was a highlight of my spiritual path.  All her books have a special place in my home. I only had the chance to meet her once, but her books and teachings are in my everyday.  Grateful for her birth onto this world as she has taught many of us so much about mindfulness, love, compassion and patience and the teachings of the great Buddha.

Thank you P'arang for walking with me on my path.  With a deep bow to you!


I believe this is where my true spiritual practice started, a softening within, at Still Point Zen Buddhist Temple in Detroit, MI.  Through the teachings of P'arang Geri Larkin (founder), and my time on the cushion, I found a re-connection of God within, and within all things.


The first Buddhist Temple that I went to.  I will never forget the nun that I met she was very young and had such compassionate eyes.  She lead me to the meditation room where the largest Buddha I had ever seen in my life greeted me.  In my memory I think it was about 30 feet high and 30 feet across.  A Buddhist monk was visiting from Texas and we had an audience with him.  I don't recall the service but I couldn't get enough into my being.  I wanted to learn everything I could.  There was peace in that space.  This was a Vietnamese temple so there weren't many English speaking services, only once a month.  I knew I had to keep looking, as something was calling me to find a Temple.  The strangest thing occurred, every time I meditated, I found myself closest to God.

October 2005

Standing on Kona Coast, The Big Island, Hawaii, I can still remember many of the prayers that were spoken silently.

Wanting more out of life and to experience  Grace, Love, Happiness, Wholeness...the list was endless, as I gazed into the vast ocean.

I didn't realize that I knocked on the door that day and someone was listening.

The practice of Buddhism, Yoga and Meditation was in my future.

The adventure began.