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Messages from the soul...

The reminder of our light...

Posted on 26 July, 2015 at 17:55

None of us are shielded from the ups and down of life. We all experience those moments when the earth underneath our feet trembles and the comfortable position of our existence is changing or forever changed.


As I’ve grown I’ve often felt that this moment of change/or the shift, is the moment that we are moving into a new experience of the journey for our baby soul to keep evolving. That a new path is unfolding and our humanness will fight tooth and nail to not allow the change to occur but our evolving higher consciousness is ready and willing.


You might think as a full time Yoga Teacher that this does not happen often or when it does that I would have it all figured out. Not always the case because I am human just like you.


However, a wise teacher once told me that the great lessons in my own life have occurred and are occurring so that I can share them in my classes, or with people who come into my life. For our experiences are to help another get through, as well.  As we cross over one mountain we can share what we learned with another as they are crossing over their mountain.   We are all going to need help along the way.

The greatest teaching of them all - compassion. 

You see I don’t speak of my downs much, or on my worst days you would never know it. As when I am with a student or acquaintance or even a co-worker, I feel that it is my work to hold the space for them. You have to know me very well for me to open that door. I am truly blessed with incredible friends in my life, and we share that piece of vulnerability with each other without judgement. Thank goodness for that or I would never be who I am today without those beautiful souls in my life.

As of recent I personally have been struggling with some inward battles and those battles seem to take a kicking of the self.  As we all have a battle don't we.

So one morning as I was getting ready for my day, I usually at some point will turn my computer on. And this is what I found from my husband.

With his permission he has allowed me to share his words. I thought it was appropriate because we all need someone in our back corner reminding us of our higher self and cheering us on in life. A husband, a friend, a family member, a trusted collegue.   Sometimes even a Yoga Teacher needs a reminder.

Never stop being the student in life. Teachers and growth are happening every moment of your life. There is much to learn. Let others help and lift you up on the days when the rain seems like its falling often.

The words below are of my thoughtful husband - Robert - my teacher....

“Tamm, you’re amazing, never have I met a person so incredible. Your energy is brighter than the shiniest star, your heart bigger than an entire nation of beautiful souls, and your energy that of a billion exploding suns.

Don’t ever let anyone ever dim that, cast a shadow - hold an umbrella to it. You are a beacon of beautiful amazing spiritual guidance, you’re the lighthouse calling to the people to show the way to the path they are destined to be on – be proud of that, because so many people need that from you.

You may not be Mahatma Gandhi, Oprah or Rob Bell to the world but if you are that to only a few people, then you have done your job as a shepherd to those that need you, that is God’s work that he has sent you, Tammy Blaze to do. And you have done the world a beautiful justice in completing it.

Love what you do, because it comes from your heart and only your heart, because baby ‘love is all that matters.’

Your ever loving, endearing and proud, devoted husband,



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