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Messages from the soul...

Whispers of your heart...

Posted on 19 July, 2015 at 11:20

Meditation has become a staple in my Yoga teachings and in my private practice but yet one of the most challenging of practices.

Sitting with the mind and observing what comes up and not attaching to the thoughts, labelling, judging, or shaming the self for the thought is a practice of taming the monkey mind. Some days, to me, it is harder than climbing a mountain physically. To sit with ones thoughts and all the crazy madness that it can conjure up – can be a downright scary place to be in.

I am grateful for my students that express their moments of fear or indulgence in their rapid thoughts and my response on occasion is – “me too.”

Our meditations can take different forms though. We can be the observer watching the thoughts pass. Or we can select a mantra or a phrase that grounds us, or reminds us of our true nature such as, “I am light, I am love.” And repeating that mantra over and over again as we sit in silence, with eyes closed. Because sometimes we need to sit and remind ourselves of who we truly are – repeating the words – a repetition until we feel the dark lift.

Or our meditation and can take the form of a prayer, speaking silently to our higher self, Divinity, our soul, or whatever your understanding of God is. A conversation of peace, of vulnerability of prayer.

Perhaps your meditation is digging in the dirt of your garden, or cycling, or sitting in your backyard watching a bird.

Our meditation can take the form of concentration on the breath, something so simple, just observing the inflow and outflow of breath.

There are numerous ways to sit. The way you determine to sit is up to you, it’s all ‘up to you’ really. 

Within those moments a shift can happen and I believe it is the shift of listening to the whispers within our heart. Our truest of conversations within. This quiet conversation that happens without the thoughts, as everything starts to slow and settle – the Universe starts to speak within us. Making room in our lives to listen is the challenge. To listen to our heart song.

Those whispers are the answers to our deepest questions, and where we align ourselves with who we ‘are’. The hardest step is to quiet oneself and listen. To be still…and listen…softly.

Have you sat today in stillness?


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