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The Body vs. The Mind

Posted on 11 June, 2015 at 15:55

Our bodies are amazing, beautiful and intelligent. Our bodies can repair themselves, tell us that something is wrong within. Our bodies feel a million different emotions. Through our physical form we get to experience all sorts of adventures outside and inside. Then why do we struggle so much and shame these bodies? For this body is a gift!

Every day when I teach Yoga, a student will tell me what they “can’t” do. That they aren’t flexible, can’t bend in certain ways, that they have this injury and that injury, or that they are too old, and the list goes on and on. I actually love hearing these stories of the “I can’t”, I find it fascinating each and every time. And on most days I feel deep compassion and empathy because I struggle with the “I can’t” too sometimes. So I completely understand where they are coming from.

However, my favorite moment is when they come and unroll their mat and begin the process of unraveling all that they bring with them on the yoga mat. Their bodies start to move, their breath deepens, and their facial expression starts to change from intensity to a softening. I get to witness almost a rebirthing of their spirit. A dance of getting back into their bodies and checking out the view differently. Their excuses start to drop away one by one and an opening appears.

You see a Yoga Teacher only gets to spend a small amount of time with a student, but hopefully the teachings will last with them. That the mind is the one that “can’t” do certain things, but the body CAN. It’s the mind that might have the injury or is too old. The mind is the inflexible one. But this beautiful body is perfect and whole.

What’s holding you back on your path? Your body or your mind?


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