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99% Practice - 1% Theory

Posted on 22 April, 2015 at 11:45

It took me many years to understand this teaching of yoga.  "99% practice, 1% theory".  When I first started on my yoga journey I thought that, that statement meant that I had to practice physical yoga all the time, and reading all the books, sutra's etc., was just a small part of understanding yoga.  As if the teachings would flood my mind with all the theory as I did the physical practice.  As if a cosmic occurance would happen while I was on my mat and "boom" knowledge would just pour into my mind.

As each day past, and all the highs and lows I have witnessed in my own life.  I realized that yoga was a 24/7 practice, 365 days a year. The teachings happen off the mat, the experience of the journey.  That is the 'practice', not the physical poses.  It is hard to be "yoga-like" in the moment of upset, or when someone is pushing our buttons, or when there is death or awful things going on in the world.  

The practice is 99%.  It is our behaviour.  Our love.  Our understanding.  Our kindnesses to each other.  That is the practice!  The practice is also self love to oneself.  Treating the self with respect and love.  Theory is 1%.  

The practice is love!  

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