Tammy Blaze
Professional Certified Yoga Teacher (E-RYT) & Photographer  

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Tammy Blaze - Windsor, Ontario - Canada

From a very young age, Tammy has been on a journey of the spirit.  This and an enduring quest for knowledge led her to reading countless books on varying topics, at once expanding her mind and resulting in her desire for more.  It was along that path, while in her 30’s, that she began the study of meditation at Buddhist temples. Inspired, she decided to commence yoga studies in 2008, an endeavour to deepen her spiritual practice of meditation and continued personal discovery.  Professionally, Tammy spent 15 years working in a corporate environment as a software specialist, designing and creating systems to enhance the automotive sector internationally.  However, as her spiritual work progressed, a career shift became inevitable.


Once she began practicing yoga and meditation consistently, her interest peaked, creating a new journey of conscious compassionate living and the discovery of her true inner self.  Yoga helped peel away the layers of self-talk and society driven ideals, encouraging her to look inward to find true happiness and peace within.  During this process, it seemed as if a whole world of awakening started to unfold.  The many leaves that once covered her path began to clear, step by step. Through the exquisite art of yoga came the realization of the soul conducting on a heightened level of kindness, compassion and gratitude.  This was an experience she wanted to share with as many people as she could reach, and it was in that moment that the teacher emerged.


With ease and trust, people began to share their stories with Tammy, as she has always had a kind, open heart. Hearing of the struggles of others and witnessing the common bond of the individual’s desire for peace and happiness, Tammy became more attune to the work she wished to do for her community.  The skills and experience she already possessed from years in a high-level corporate world prepared her to design and build her own successful business, Yoga For The Soul.  Tammy brought yoga and meditation to the people of La Salle, Ontario, which immediately developed into a successful community of yoga and meditation practitioners that still thrives today.  Her deep understanding of the power of meditation through her own practice at monasteries and through her own studies and research in Buddhism and Yogic philosophy propelled her to create a studio that would serve as a ‘temple’ for others to come and practice the art of mindfulness and compassion.


Tammy is established as a full-time yoga teacher for studios, corporations, hospitals, health and fitness centres, retirement communities, and universities, as well as teaching private lessons - anywhere that yoga is needed and where she is called to teach.  She has also been invited to speak at Yoga Teacher Training Programs to share her journey and experiences to encourage aspiring yoga teachers and practitioners alike to listen to and follow their own voice and path.


Tammy has been certified through the The Yoga Loft in Windsor, ON.  The Toronto Yoga & Medicine Institution.  And also through Seane Corn in both the United States and Canada.  She has studied with such inspirational teachers as P'arang Geri Larkin, Sri Dharma Mittra, Bryan Kest and Rob Bell.  Her continued studies and personal development are felt in all of her classes, which she individually creates each day, classes filled with meaning, compassion and purpose for the benefit of all those who come to unroll their mats.


Tammy teaches publicly at various locations within Windsor, Ontario.  Click on the following to view when she is teaching at the following locations: 

Breathe Pilates & Fitness Center  www.breathepilatesandfitness.com

Riverside Family Fitness  www.riversidefamilyfitness.com

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